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Thursday 8 June 2017

Review: Only For Me

Only for Me is possibly the best book on the topics of body protection and sexual abuse prevention that I have seen for very young children.

It can be used from the moment your little one will sit long enough to listen, and can help to make body protection behaviours a normal part of your young child's life skills.

The story begins with talking about our body parts and what wonderful things they can be used for:

'These are my eyes so sparkly and bright. 
For seeing and blinking and closing at night'

The story then goes on to introduce mouth, hands, feet, tummy and then 'bottom and bits that wee'.

What sets this book apart from the others on the same topic, is how the story manages to be quite brief and accessible, while at the same time covering all the important points. Author Michelle Derrig refrains from giving specific scenarios, instead keeping it simple by teaching readers that:

  • it is important to use the correct names for private parts
  • no one can touch, see or take photos of their private parts, with or without clothes on
  • there are no games where touching or seeing private parts is acceptable
  • no one should show or make each other touch their own private parts
  • we can say NO to any touching we don't like and to any person, no matter who they are
  • we never keep secrets if someone does the wrong thing

It is also the first book that I've seen that takes today's access to technology into account, explaining that private parts should not be shown in photos, in movies, on TV or on computers.

The illustrations are soft and warm, creating a comfortable environment for a calm and frank discussion between child and parent, this is truly a great resource for the 'prepare not scare' approach.

100% of Author Royalties will be donated to those agencies treating victims and preventing child sexual abuse. Visit here for more information or to purchase a copy.

For more titles on this topic, see Terrific 10: Body Protection.

Title: Only For Me
Author: Michelle Derrig
Illustrator: Nicole Mackenzie
Publisher: Dewfall Publishing, $15.95
Publication Date: 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780994452801
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book