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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Review: Edgeland

Chilling, edgy, addictive. That’s how I’d describe Edgeland by US authors Jake Halpean and Peter Kujawinski.

It’s the story of a world that could be ours but isn’t. It's the story of a world with two factions, the Suns and Shadows, who are so separated in their beliefs that one faction only comes out during the day, and the other only at night.

And all their beliefs centre on the giant drain in the ocean off the island of Edgeland, where the dead are sent to wait in purgatory before entering one of two versions of heaven.

But when two friends, Alec and Wren, accidentally fall down the drain, they discover a world where the dead come to life but never really get to live. And in this strange place, Wren and Alec are hunted because they hold the power to unlock all the secrets of purgatory.

Edgeland is a unique and gripping YA novel. The imagery is spectacular in its detail and the pictures it creates in your head are awesomely chilling. A story of friendship, loyalty and courage, Edgeland is the kind of book that stays fresh in your mind long after you close the cover.

There is, of course, a strong theme of death throughout the book, and there are some goose bump triggering and grisly scenes. But this is not a gloomy book. 

Really, it is a story of hope. Hope that secret 'other' worlds do exist and hope that love can be found when our friends stand by our side.

Recommended for kids aged 12 to 16, Edgeland is a fresh and thrilling tale for lovers of something just a little bit different.

Title: Edgeland
Authors: Jake Halpean and Peter Kujawinski
Publisher: Hot Key Books, $16.99
Publication Date: 1 August 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9781471405907
For ages: 12 - 16
Type: Young Adult