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- author Jackie French

Saturday 12 August 2017

Review: Tell It To The Moon

Amber, Maali, Rose and Sky, the four teenage girls we met in The Moonlight Dreamers, continue to retain their individuality and dreams, by supporting one another through their journey to become who they want to be.

New Year sees them reunited for a catch-up and to reinforce their hopes and dreams for their lives. They begin by sharing their fears around the moonstone.

Sky, after being home-schooled all her life by her dad, now has to adjust to being sent to a public school so her dad can work more. Amber’s desire to learn who she is, is quelled after failing to contact her surrogate mother. Maali, still searching for her soul mate, has her faith tested when her father falls seriously ill. Rose throws the biggest cracker when she comes out about liking girls. Her life becomes even more exciting when she is given the opportunity to advance her career ambitions by managing a cake stall at the market.
We watch on as the girls’ lives begin as buds then blossom. Change, joy, and the strengthening of their friendship nurtures their dreams and hopes.

This fantastic series addresses the essence of true courage; to fight for what you believe in; to follow your own path in life, and to be true to yourself. I’m hoping there will be a third book.

Title: Tell it to the Moon
Author: Siobhan Curham
Publisher: Walker Books, $16.99
Publication Date: August 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 97814606366156
For ages: 14+
Type: Young Adult Fiction