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- author Jackie French

Saturday 2 September 2017

Review: Dungzilla

Sally Tinker, world’s foremost inventor under the age of twelve, is back.

And this time she’s invented the Resizenator, a magnificent machine capable of shrinking and enlarging things to outrageous sizes.

Along with her friend Charli, the world’s foremost biologist under the age of eleven, testing of the Resizenator doesn’t exactly go to plan.

A pizza, a malfunction and interference from Sally's curious baby brother Joe, and Charli’s dung beetle is accidentally turned into Dungzilla.

And it turns out Dungzilla is one of those dung beetles that likes to roll dung into balls, so the race is on to shrink Dungzilla back to beetle size before a giant dung ball creates havoc in the streets.

This is a fantastic follow on from Sally Tinker’s first adventure in Brobot, but both books are stand-alone adventures so they don’t need to be read in order. James Foley has again delivered Dungzilla sized amounts of humour and wit, as well as extra funny bits just for the adults who may be reading the story to kids.

Like Brobot, Dungzilla is written as a graphic novel, with most of the text being dialogue and more illustrations than words on every page. Junior readers will love the detailed and funky pictures to be explored and the shorter text makes this an easy first book for younger kids. 

Filled to the brim with action, adventure, humour and giant dung, this is a fast-paced and super fun book junior readers will love.

Title: Dungzilla
Author/Illustrator: James Foley
Publisher: Fremantle Press, $14.99
Publication Date: September 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925163919
For ages: 6 - 10
Type: Junior Fiction, Graphic Novel