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- author Jackie French

Thursday 19 October 2017

Review: The Secret of Black Rock

Superstitions and preconceived notions don’t stop Erin from repeatedly attempting to stow away on her mum’s fishing boat, hoping for a glimpse of the Black Rock. But Archie her dog always sniffs her out.

Erin hatches a plan. She manages to outsmart Archie, and mum sails off with Erin aboard. A fog makes everything invisible.

Suddenly the Black Rock rises before them. The boat swerves and unnoticed, Erin falls into the water and mum sails away.

Erin sinks deeper and deeper into the dark sea. Strange sounds echo as the Black Rock, in reality a living thing, raises Erin to the surface.

Shaped like a human, countless sea creatures cling to its surface. Erin’s second plan brings Black Rock to the shore.

But fear and lack of understanding give birth to disaster. Erin must stop the town from destroying the living thing that gives life to the sea creatures. Can she succeed?

Gorgeous shades of vibrant colour fill the illustrations which reflect Joe Todd Stanton’s intimate knowledge of the text. Double spreads of full page artwork create a detailed close-up image. Port-hole shapes from different angles concentrate on one specific thing with Erin in each shot.

Children’s attention is drawn to the existence of our underwater world and the living creatures of the the marine ecosystem.

This title will also be of interest to collectors of outstanding children’s books. It has that special something which lovers of unique publications long to own. Stunning covers and end pages add to the overall quality of this elegant book.

Title: The Secret of Black Rock
Author/Illustrator: Joe Todd Stanton
Publisher: Flying Eye Books/ Walker, $24.99
Publication Date: June 2017
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781911171256
For ages 5+
Type: Picture Book