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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Review: The Tale of Angelino Brown

Bert has been a bus driver for ten years. Unhappy and disillusioned with life, and having lost his only child years ago, he lives a robotic life.

On a regular day, grumpy as usual, everything and everyone changes when a tiny angel appears in the top pocket of his jacket.

David Almond writes in metaphors. His deeply philosophical writing appears simple. I see it as complex, filled with meaning, and questions and answers that humans refuse to address.

The story’s themes are mixed and apply to the children and adult characters. Reflected are the lives of people forced to become who they’re not to prove themselves, in ways that go against their nature. Then there are the children that are forced by circumstance to survive without love, hope or adult supervision, and without the joy of a carefree existence.

Angelino’s presence forces the town’s people to reflect on the sadness and disillusion that fills life, and juxtaposes it with the sheer joy of living and life’s limitless possibilities; the need for chaos amidst order, and alternately, creating order and discipline amidst chaos.

This story is about goodness and kindness versus badness and unkindness; of opportunity reborn; the reinvention of the self and second chances. It is a story of love and hope rekindled.

Title: The Tale of Angelino Brown
Author: David Almond
Illustrator: Alex T. Smith
Publisher: Walker Books, $ 19.99
Publication Date: July 2017
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781406358070
For ages: 8+
Type: Junior Fiction