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Friday 10 November 2017

Review: Max Booth Future Sleuth: Tape Escape (Book 1) and Selfie Search (Book 2)

Max Booth Future Sleuth is a marvellous junior fiction series about orphan boy Max Booth and his robot dog Oscar.

They live in the museum storeroom on Skyburb 6 (a floating city) and help out the museum’s storeroom supervisor, Jessie, solve mysterious about lost and ancient artefacts. 

Since the series is set waaaayyyy in the future, these ‘ancient’ artefacts come from times like 1984 and 2017. Really old stuff!

Tape Escape is book 1 in the series and follows Max and Oscar as they figure out what a cassette tape is AND how to play it. 

But when a trusted historian steals the tape, Max and Oscar must use their wits to get it back and return it to the museum.

In Selfie Search, Max and Oscar solve the mysteries of a mobile phone, and in doing so discover clues to a long lost statue worth $7 million. 

But when their enemies find out what they’ve discovered, and try to get the $7 million for themselves, Max and Oscar must once again find a way to outsmart the adults and protect their findings for the museum.

This is a fun and fast-moving series packed with action. Max and Oscar are cool and street smart, and they use inventive futuristic gadgets to navigate the crowded streets (and skies) of this awesome future world. 

And with the threat of officials trying to catch them and return them to the Skyburb 7 Home for Unclaimed Urchins, Max and Oscar’s life is never slow or dull.

Large text and shorter word-counts make these books easy to read, and the fun illustrations make these books perfect for new independent readers.

This is also a great series for adults to read with kids. There are heaps of hidden gems adults will find hilarious, including appearances from famous entertainers, such as David Snowie and Nicole Squidman.

At the back of each book there is a fact page about whatever ‘ancient’ artefact is featured in the story, so if the kids have never heard of a cassette tape before, they can learn about what it was and how it worked. 

Max Booth Future Sleuth Tape Escape and Selfie Search are an awesome beginning to a fun and futuristic junior fiction series kids will love.

Title: Max Booth Future Sleuth Tape Escape / Max Booth Future Sleuth Selfie Search 
Author: Cameron Macintosh
Illustrator: Dave Atze
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing, $12.99
Publication Date: June 2017 / October 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925520606 / 9781925520880
For ages: 6+
Type: Junior Fiction