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Saturday 4 November 2017

Review: You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School

I love the concept of this junior fiction novel.

In most supernatural-school stories we find the main character welcoming their entry into a school that teaches spells and promotes magic. 

But Daisy Wart is different. 

Daisy is an actress and she’s got a HUGE school performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream coming up at her local, and very normal, school.

So when her adopted grandmother (who has never denied she’s a witch herself), leaves Daisy at the local witch school to start witch training, Daisy is not happy about it.

She doesn’t want to go to witch school. She wants to perform in her school play.

But Toadspit Towers and its teachers have other ideas. While Daisy is convinced she is absolutely NOT a witch, everyone else seems convinced she is, and they refuse to let her leave.

With the help of her sympathetic roommates, Daisy puts into action several plans to escape from Toadspit Towers so she can make it to her debut performance. 

But things are never so simple, and Daisy’s arrival at Toadspit has set some very mysterious things in motion. Weird stuff keeps happening and Daisy Wart seems to be at the centre of it. Either because she is, in fact, NOT a witch. Or, because she is!

You Can’t Make Me Go to Witch School is a funny, lively and page-turning read. It’s heaps of fun and the characters are very relatable. All the girls at Toadspit Towers are sassy, bold and daring — awesome role models for young girls — and with a generous amount of cool and quirky illustrations, this is an easy and engaging read.

The first book in a brand new series by UK author Em Lynas, You Can’t Make Me Go to Witch School is destined to become a much-loved favourite, especially for young girls.

Title: You Can't Make Me go to Witch School
Author: Em Lynas
Illustrator: Jamie Littler
Publisher: Nosy Crow, $12.99
Publication Date: 30 October 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781788000130
For ages: 7+
Type: Junior Fiction