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- author Jackie French

Friday 5 January 2018

Review: This is a Crocodile

Funny, witty and super engaging, This is a Crocodile is a fabulous interactive board book for little ones.

On each page, illustrator Heath McKenzie presents a funky picture and claims it is some kind of animal.

This is a crocodile. No Way! 

But then…

You lift the flap, and there is the crocodile.

It was there all along, but you just couldn’t see it. 

The text is simple and repetitive, which creates a wonderful rhythm the kids will quickly pick up, allowing them to join in the fun. 

It will only take a few pages for them to be calling out ‘no, way!’ before they eagerly lift the flap to uncover the sneaky animals. 

McKenzie’s illustrations are colourful and funky, and with lots of white space surrounding the featured objects and animals, this is a great one for babies and toddlers.

Made of thicker cardboard pages, it’s also great for little hands to explore independently. And it's one book in a series, so once the kids devour it, they can check out This is a Pelican, This is a Kitten and This is a Rabbit.

The perfect book for children aged zero to two (and even older kids will get a kick out of it), this is a fabulous interactive and engaging board book to add to your collection.

Title: This is a Crocodile
Illustrator: Heath McKenzie
Publisher: Lake Press, $12.95
Publication Date: 15 December 2016
Format: Board book
ISBN: 9781760451844
For ages: 0 - 2
Type: Board Book