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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 28 February 2018

Guest Post: One More Page Podcast

Join us and Liz Ledden, one of the founding members of One More Page Podcast, for an illuminating Q & A session on her brilliant new venture with fellow Kids' Lit enthusiasts, Kate Simpson and Nat Amoore. 

What is One More Page all about and who is it for?
One More Page is a fortnightly podcast for lovers of kids’ books. We like to think it has broad appeal across age groups – it can be listened to by the whole family. It’s for teachers, librarians and book industry professionals, children’s writers, parents and grandparents; essentially anyone who reads, loves, borrows or buys kids’ books.

It’s a segment-based podcast, with book reviews, an interview with an author, illustrator or someone involved in the children’s book industry, plus competitions and a kids-led segment called Kids Capers. Our focus is generally picture books through to middle grade novels.

How did the podcast begin?
One More Page was the brainchild of Kate Simpson, who asked Nat Amoore and I on board to help create and co-host the podcast. We’re in a writers’ group together at the NSW Writers’ Centre, work well together in terms of critiquing each other’s work, and generally just click. The fact we all have different strengths is what makes us work as a team. Our personality quirks are so wildly different it’s almost comical at times. Well, it amuses us anyway!

What kind of work is involved behind the scenes to bring the podcast to life?
So much! It’s been a huge learning curve for the three of us since it’s the first time we’ve been involved in podcasting. There were many months of work involved in the set-up stage, from establishing a website and creating content, to setting up a host and working out what equipment we needed. 

We also had to figure out everything from the name of the podcast and its format, to things like what music to use, and the look, feel and logo. Fortunately, a wonderful friend of Nat’s came up with our animal characters and does all our banner images and episode logos too (thanks Marianne!).
Nat does all the editing work, which is brilliant. There’s also a Facebook page plus Twitter and Instagram accounts to maintain, that we’ve divided amongst ourselves and update regularly.

There’s been gazillions of emails and texts, laughter and chocolate-fuelled meet-ups and you can still find us WhatsApp-ing each other from when we wake up till nearly midnight each night. There really is that much to discuss!
What are the best bits about having your own podcast?
So far, a highlight has been the access to amazing writers and industry professionals who have agreed to talk to us! We’re learning so much from our interviews, as we hope our listeners are. Getting to read new release books and ARCs is a pretty big perk, but all that aside, we love that we’re adding to the conversation around children’s books. We try to promote mostly Australian books and authors, and hope our passion for kids’ books carries over to listeners getting excited about reading and stories.

How has it been received so far?
So far, the response has exceeded our expectations. We’ve had lots of amazing support from a wide range of kids’ books lovers, parents, teachers, writers and writing organisations, such as SCBWI. There’s even been a primary school that’s incorporated One More Page into their lesson plans, and is using each episode to create a spin-off activity for the kids, which was pretty awesome to hear!

What do you hope to achieve with One More Page and what are your future plans?
We’d like to see the podcast reach more school groups, and get more kids involved in interacting with their favourite authors. We’ve had some great feedback on our first episode, where a bunch of kids got to interview Heidi McKinnon about her picture book, I Just Ate My Friend, so hopefully we’ll do more of that down the track. Other than that? More authors. More books. More spreading the kids’ book love!

Where can you find One More Page online?
You can subscribe to One More Page on iTunes, SoundCloud or via your favourite podcast app. It’s also available on our website, www.onemorepagepodcast.com where you can view each episode’s show notes plus enter competitions on the Win page. You can follow One More Page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too – all are @onemorepageau.