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- author Jackie French

Thursday 8 February 2018

Review: Have Sword Will Travel

You know that feeling you get when everything seems just plain weird? That happens a lot in this book.

For a start, the river that flows past Odo and Eleanor's village is down to an inexplicable trickle. Then Odo pulls a sword out of the mud when he is searching for eels. It's not that he found a sword that is odd: that might happen. Maybe.

But this enchanted sword talks. In fact it shouts. A lot. And refuses to listen to reason. Apart from being bossy, Biter is also forgetful, demanding and hard to ignore.

Odo is happy in his quiet village. He might even be content as the miller's son for the rest of his life. But finding Biter changes everything. According to the sword, Odo  is destined to be a knight whether he wants to or not.

Biter drags them away from everything familiar, demanding they find the source of the water problem and  right what is wrong.

Eleanor, Odo's best friend, dreams of becoming a knight, just like her mother. She jumps at the chance of a bit of adventure and together they embark on a journey into the unknown.

Can Eleanor achieve her dream of becoming a knight? Will Odo manage to free himself of Biter's annoying hold on him? What about the river, which seems to become drier by the day? Join Odo and Eleanor as they wrangle with an impossible piece of sharpened metal and possibly follow their destinies amid villains, thieves and dragons.

Have Sword Will Travel offers rollicking scenarios that could only happen in a fantasy, but amid the action and repeated crises lie age-old truths about friendship, loyalty, courage and trust.

Title: Have Sword Will Travel
Author: Gart Nix and Sean Williams
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $14.99
Publication Date: 25 October 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742374024
For ages: 8 years +
Type: Middle Grade Fiction