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- author Jackie French

Sunday 11 March 2018

Review: Dress Up with Ted

Here are two more titles by Sophy Henn in her Ted series of educational early learning board books for toddlers and perhaps children a little older. 

In Dress Up with Ted, the focus is on the experience of creative play and imagination. 

Children learn to role play, examine different characters, their clothing, appearance, games and language associated with Ted’s chosen dress up. A basket of clothing and odds and ends will soon be gathered together.

The subject of each page will generate discussion between child and educator/parent/caregiver, leading to add-on learning from the chain of words used in answer to the why, how etc. in each spread.

Speech bubbles appear to ask Ted who he’s dressing up as. Extended flaps create a panoramic view of the scene that Ted is creating and the actions he’s experiencing.  Children will want to become the brave knight and his friendly dragon, the pirate, astronaut, cowboy, and be tired like Ted at the end of day as he bids us goodnight.

Time to Go with Ted is the second book released simultaneously with Dress Up with Ted. 

In Time to Go, Ted sets out on multiple adventures outdoors. At the park he imagines an encounter with a lion. In the shops, he hopes to see a bear in the freezer; at the pool, perhaps a whale. 

Other surprises await him on the swings. To wind up the day, all the animals he imagines he encounters are invited for tea.

Funny, entertaining and educational, this series offers a valuable learning experience to the very young. These sturdy books in brilliant colour are ideal for little hands and frequent use. They project a character that youngsters have become familiar with, and whom they look out for, to follow and copy his adventures.

Title: Dress Up with Ted
Author/Illustrator: Sophy Henn
Publisher: Bloomsbury, $12.99
Publication Date: November 2017
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781408880784
For ages: 2+
Type: Board Book