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- author Jackie French

Friday 30 March 2018

Review: The Extremely Weird Thing That Happened in Huggabie Falls

When a book's dedication makes you tingle with delight, you now you're in for a treat. I mean, it's not often you read: Embrace Uniqueness. Cherish nonsense. Stay wonderful.

Adam Cece doesn't disappoint.

From Huggabie Falls, where every street has the same name, to the class teacher (who is an actual witch) that lets Ug Ugg – a real live eleven-year-old troll – take geometry class, everything is a little bit weird.

There are mysteries and dead ends, vegetarian piranhas who might not be vegetarian after all and a pirate who hates pirates. You get the idea.

Cherish the nonsense as the pages fly through your fingers.

The Extremely Weird Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls is a rollercoaster of fun, friendship and madcap adventure.

Title: The Extremely Weird Thing That Happened in Huggabie Falls
Author: Adam Cece
Illustrator: Andrew Weldon
Publisher: Text Publishing, $14.99
Publication Date: 2 April 2018
Format:  Paperback
ISBN: 9781925603484
For ages: 8 to 12 years
Type: Middle Grade Fiction