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Wednesday 14 March 2018

Review: The Usborne Big Book of the Body

The Usborne Big Book of the Body is a beautifully produced picture book style non-fiction title, with four fold out sections (equal to four pages attached together) that allows kids to start to develop a real sense and understanding of the different parts and functions of the human body.

The fold out sections are very well designed to open in and out smoothly, covering the topics of bones, muscles, the digestive system, and the heart/blood vessel network, all with aesthetically pleasing cartoon style illustrations that are guaranteed to not gross out even the most squeamish of readers.

The other topics included are breathing, the brain, the five senses, and a very simplistic overview of how life starts (no mention of sex or the body parts involved, but more of a focus on a basic timeline from conception to being a grown up).

There are small paragraphs of information dotted around the illustrations, with more complex ideas and concepts explained in simple 1-2-3-4 steps to avoid becoming too dry or formal. This book is the perfect starting place for little ones who are becoming curious as to what parts of the body do and why our bodies look the way they do, and provides the first stepping stone into exploring the complexities of human anatomy.

This has been the book of choice for my four year old recently, we've devoured one or two pages per night for bedtime reading over the last two weeks, giving him lots to think about and many questions to ask as his brain processes each morsel of information. It has prompted discussions on how our bodies work, but also it has allowed him to understand and talk more specifically about the sensations he feels in his own body. I think this is a really fantastic tool to enhance body awareness/body protection education.

As long as you trust your little one with the flaps, this is a truly fabulous non-fiction title that kids can delve in and out of on their own as well.  Highly recommended.

Title: The Usborne Big Book of the Body
Author: Minna Lacey
Illustrator: Peter Allen
Publisher: Usborne, $ 19.99
Publication Date: 22 February 2016
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781409564041
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Book, Non-Fiction