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- author Jackie French

Friday 6 April 2018

Review: Smart Baby Cookbook

As parents and carers, we are always looking for ideas and recipes on how to prepare nutritious and healthy foods for our little ones.  In this welcomed new publication, Lauren Cheney has all that you’ve been searching for sewn up.

New phrases such as ‘protective and preventative nutrition’, ‘optimal nutritional balance’, and the words SMART foods are used, although some may have never come across them, and what the word SMART stands for. You’ll discover why a Mediterranean diet is always promoted and which foods can ‘optimise immunity and brain development’.

This book supplies advice and suggestions under eight headings, on what to cook, how to cook, store, freeze and reheat each recipe, the length of time it can be stored, and which containers are best to use for storage and freezing.  Utensils that aid food preparation are suggested with the safest plates, spoons and cups to use for your child and why. Listed to make shopping easier, are items for your freezer, fridge and pantry. Directions on how to cook by steaming, boiling, blending and reheating are also included. Each recipe has information keys on cooking, preparation time and if suitable for freezing.

There are ten tips on how to introduce solids to baby, and Meal Planners that begin with First Tastes, Starter Foods, Purees and the pairing up of fruit and vegies for pampering the palate. These tips advance to brain-boosting foods using herbs and spices which help baby become accustomed to different flavours.

The delicious budget-friendly and easy to prepare recipes are recommended as suitable for the whole family. This eliminates the need for separate cooking for your baby, although reinforced continuously, is the no-salt rule for the very young. This supports healthy kidney development.

From baby’s first food to a complete menu for toddlers, this outstanding book is ‘doctor approved and parent tested’. A devotee of food preparation of all kinds, I found Smart Baby Cookbook an invaluable resource full of easy to follow and prepare recipes and nutritious snacks. It provides new ideas on how to use basic food combinations to create meals that boost baby’s immunity and brain development that won’t cost more than you can afford in time and money. 

Title: Smart Baby Cookbook
Author: Lauren Cheney
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Publication Date: January 2018, $24.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760631741
For ages: 6 months +
Type: Non Fiction Cookbook