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Saturday 16 June 2018

Cover Reveal: Bab Sharkey and the Animal Mummies: The Giant Moth Mummy! Book Two

Kids all over Egypt Australia have gone mummy-mad for the brand new adventure series Bab Sharkey and the AnimalMummies! 

(You can read our KBR Junior Reviewer's review, here if you don't believe us!)

From a fun and full-on campaign to launch the first book in the series, The Weird Beard, kids everywhere have been making – and sporting – magic Pharaoh’s Beards, snorting with laughter at the selfish ways of the Unpharaoh (who in turn snorts fireballs from her own nostrils!), and delving like archaeologists into the adventures of Bab and his new bandaged friends Scaler the Fish Mummy and Prong the Ibis Mummy!

Kids have tried to cook Smoothies of Immortality (with several parents reporting a mass clean-up afterwards – welcome to Mumphis, parents!), pints upon pints of cactus juice, and dozens of dustburgers (cheering up parents because the main ingredient is dust from under the couch).

As for Bab Sharkey, after dealing with everything from Ibis Mummies to Fish Mummies, stinky bandages to scheming sidekicks (Cainus the Jackal recently won the Evil Personal Assistant of the Year Award!), Bab is lonely no more. At the end of Book One, he has become the official Pharaoh of Mumphis and a leader, instead of aimlessly poking around the Egyptian desert in bubblewrap! 

Now that the Pharaoh’s Beard has appointed Bab Sharkey the cleverest person around, it’s time for … drum roll please … preferably on a drum made of fish bones …

Book Two: The Giant Moth Mummy!

Walker Books excitedly announces that Bab Sharkey and the Animal Mummies: The Giant Moth Mummy will be in stores this November - JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!
Bab Sharkey, the boy Pharaoh of Mumphis, returns to the magic city of the Animal Mummies. Only this time, he faces the grossest weapon ever devised – a giant mummified moth possessed by the spirit of the Unpharoah herself! Can Bab and his smelly friends defeat this ancient evil? 

The Chaser’s, Andrew Hansen teams up again with Jessica Roberts for another hilarious adventure in the Bab Sharkey and the Animal Mummies series, with more mummy mayhem, more spooky adventures, and way more beardy good times.

Stick around for our exclusive review of The Giant Moth Mummy later this year.