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Friday 1 June 2018

Review: Where's Timmy?

Little Timmy loves soccer, and it's a game played around the world.

In Where's Timmy? he and his friend visit nine places around the world in search of a missing best and fairest player trophy.

The 'story' is bookended with a short comic strip which sets the scene for the search, and wraps it up at the end.

The search begins in Timmy's home, Sydney, then moves onto Samoa, where Timmy's mum and her family are originally from.

Readers can help Timmy search for the trophy, and many other items. There's a total of 800 items to find!

In the scene shown for each location, there are twelve themed things to look for.

In Germany, the list includes cameras, Lederhosen, and pretzels. In England, there are Union Jacks, Yorkshire Terriers, bulldogs, and teapots. China's scene includes Terracotta Warriors, bowls of rice, red soccer balls, and handheld lanterns.

Other places Timmy visits include: Brazil, South Africa, and the United States.

Every page of Where's Timmy? is packed full of colour and detail. There is so much to see, and the items to find are clearly listed with corresponding pictures.

Will Timmy find the trophy? Who will win the best and fairest player award? Jump right in and find out.

Where's Timmy? is a spin off from the popular Tiny Timmy series of books about a junior soccer player, created by star Australian player Tim Cahill and illustrator Heath McKenzie.

With the FIFA World Cup about to start, Where's Timmy? is a great book for young soccer fans.

Title: Where's Timmy?
Author: Tim Cahill
Illustrator: Heath McKenzie
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, $ 16.99
Publication Date: June 2018
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760273712
For ages: 6-10
Type: Picture book