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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Review: Canonball Coralie and the Lion

From the very first page, Coralie stole my heart. She was inventive and joyful and funny and above all, she was brave. But she was also alone.

No one was there to applaud as she juggled squirrels or to hold their breath in amazement as she swung from tree to tree.

Until the circus came to town.

The cranky ringmaster was never satisfied and did not allow friends or fun but Coralie wasn't concerned. She was ready to try anything to stay with her new friend, Lion.

Until she was assigned as Human Cannonball.

Could Lion stop the dreaded ringmaster from forcing Coralie into the canon? Would Coralie survive?

What might the crowd do when they saw this greatest of all performances?

And what about that rotten ringmaster?

You're in for a giant surprise.

Grace Easton's ode to the power friendship is an absolute keeper.

Title: Canonball Coralie and the Lion
Author/Illustrator: Grace Easton
Publisher: Lincoln Children's Books, $21.99
Publication Date: 3 May 2018
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781786030313
For ages: 2 years +
Type: Picture Book