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Sunday 8 July 2018

Review: A Househusband's Guide: Our Meal, Their Meal - The Little Ones and Grown-Ups Cookbook

Many people may gasp at the thought of giving a toddler and children some of the recipes contained here. Eating flavoursome food is a learned thing and one that needs to be started early with children for their palate to become accustomed to different tastes. 

Being a passionate cook and having a toddler in the family, I started early using all kinds of ingredients to enhance the flavour of the food I cooked for our little one, and by adding all kinds of herbs and spices.

This is Aaron Harvie’s second book, which is created to serve both adults and children without having to cook separate meals. He begins with fantastic tips about knife skills and the different ways of cutting vegetables to make them appealing to children, and why this matters.

He stresses the importance of including the child in the preparations to create a positive relationship with food, always being mindful of kitchen safety and the dangers that exist around the work space. He lists these precautions and emphasizes how children must always be supervised.

Step-by-step, he goes through what to do before starting to cook, how to prepare everything first, store and freeze food, plus the freezing life of all his recipes. He addresses strategies for the hard times when tantrums send food flying at you, and plates are emptied on the floor.

Nutritious and easy recipes for every meal, pastas, desserts, pies and many things that can be rolled, are included. The One Pot Wonders section is made up of recipes that have been passed on through time for the stove and the oven.

Aaron Harvie has personalized this book with a narrative in intelligent, crisp, well-written prose that entertains as he shares his life, interest in food, and his recipes through stories.
Title: A Househusband’s Guide: Our Meal, Their Meal – The Little Ones and Grown Ups Cookbook
Author/Illustrator: Aaron Harvie
Publisher: New Holland Publishers, $35.00
Publication Date: May 2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921024764
For ages: Children and Adults
Type: Non Fiction