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- author Jackie French

Sunday 26 August 2018

Guest Post: Karen Tyrrell on Inspiring Eco Awareness

In a world ravaged by climate change, pollution and energy shortages, kids need hope for the future. What can children do to help save our native flora, fauna and planet from extinction?
Kids need eco education to inspire and empower themselves to take action and become eco warriors. One pathway is by reading books with positive messages. 

Books with positive eco messages highlight environmental and ecological influences on our planet - and what we can do about it.

Eco warrior books motivate children to take care of their environment, our native animals, our flora and the precious resources of Planet Earth.

They teach kids about sustainability and how to reduce the human imprint on the planet.

Eco warriors are our modern-day superheros. Eco superheroes help kids to connect with their inner super powers and take charge.

Super eco warriors fight environmental problems and villains, challenging themselves to find solutions.

They model how children can take action to become little eco warrior themselves. Kids learn how to keep our planet clean, green and beautiful.

7 Ways to Inspire Little Eco Warriors

1. Teach kids how to recycle first hand by sorting their daily rubbish into food waste, recycled goods and regular garbage.

2. Give kids their own special garden to nurture and grow.

3. Encourage kids to care for wildlife by picking up rubbish around waterways and parklands.

4. Inspire kids to exercise outdoors in the fresh air, while connecting with nature. Get kids to spot native flora such as Kangaroo Paw, Wattle and Eucalypt

5. Explore forests especially our Gondwana World Heritage listed National Parks. Teach kids how to care for the environment, trees, rainforests and National Parks.

6. Educate kids on our indigenous culture, Dreamtime myths and legends and how they help people connect with the land. Teach kids about aboriginal bush tucker.

7. Read books to kids about environmental superheroes and how to become an eco-warrior.

4 Eco Warrior Books to Read

1. Eco Warriors to the Rescue by Tania McCartney

2. Wombat Warrior by Samantha Wheeler

3. Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeanie Baker

4. Rainforest Recue (Song Bird 3) by Karen Tyrrell

Karen Tyrrell is the Brisbane author of Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3) out 18 August. How does eco warrior, Rosella Ava Bird, AKA Song Bird Superhero rescue her friends and Gondwana Rainforest from the evil Destructo? Karen writes superhero books to help kids live strong and connect with their inner superhero. She's a teacher, speaker and workshop presenter. More Song Bird eco series found at www.songbirdsuperhero.com