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- author Jackie French

Friday 23 November 2018

Junior Review: The Shadow Keeper

The Shadow Keeper is the follow up novel to The Dream Snatcher and is a great book about a girl called Molly Pecksniff and her friends Alfie and  Siddy and her wildcat Gryff. 

They need to find the second amulet and hold back the dark magic from the Shadowmasks. Will the old magic help Mole defeat the Shadowmasks or will it only hold them back for a short while? 

With Alfie’s secrets and allies that turn out to be bad, Mole can’t trust anyone except the one’s she knows are her true friends.
This book is recommended for girls and boys aged 11+ who like magic, adventure , friendship and a touch of mystery.

This is one of the best books  I have every read!

Title: The Shadow Keeper
Author: Abi Elphinstone                 
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK, $16.99
Publication Date: February 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781471122705
For Ages: 12+
Type: Middle Grade Fiction