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Saturday 22 December 2018

Review: 300 Minutes of Danger

Your apartment is on fire and no one is coming to save you. What do you do?

You’re in a truck that’s tipped over and a live grenade sits in front of you. What do you do?

A criminal has just poisoned you, and he won’t give you the antidote until you tell him where his stolen goods are, but he thinks you’re someone else and you have no idea what he’s talking about. What do you do?

300 Minutes of Danger is a thrilling, non-stop roller coaster ride times 10! The book is jam-packed with 10 awesome short stories filled to the brim with danger, mystery and action. 

And I mean filled to the brim! The danger snowballs in every story in this book. When one problem is solved, another is right around the corner. 

When things start to look like they’re going to be okay, something snaps, or something falls, or something explodes and the main characters are thrown back into epic disaster.

Each of the 10 stories is addictive and fast paced, and master of words, Jack Heath, sucks you into every story, so once you start, you just can’t stop until you reach the end.

I also love that the stories are connected. These aren’t just 10 stories about 10 brave kids facing crazy dangers. Each story is set in the same world, and sometimes the stories interact with one another as sequels or prequels to one another, or as mini spinoffs that explore what other characters where doing at the same time. 

Each story has been written to take around 30 minutes to complete, and time stamps down the side of the pages count down to zero as you read, adding a ticking time bomb to the action unfolding before you. 

It also means each main character only has 30 minutes to escape the danger, and I promise you’ll spend a lot of time perched on the edge of your seat convinced there is no way they are going to make it.

There’s a great mix of male and female main characters throughout the book, making this the perfect read for all action and adventure lovers. It’s also a great book for reluctant readers, with exciting and fresh content and a variety of stories to capture and hold attention.

300 Minutes of Danger is short story telling at its very best. Stories don’t get more action packed, faster paced or more addictive than these. I loved everything about every single one.

And the best part? Once you finish 300 Minutes of Danger, you can jump straight into 400 Minutes of Danger and 500 Minutes of Danger, too!

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Title: 300 Minutes of Danger
Author: Jack Heath
Publisher: Scholastic, $12.99
Publication Date: 1 September 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760154035
For ages: 10 - 14
Type: Middle Fiction