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Thursday 20 December 2018

Review: Sports Are Fantastic Fun

The books from Gecko Press are translated into English which allow excellent children’s titles to be available to English speaking countries. This is a gift indeed to readers of children’s books (that includes adults!).

They are filled with surprises, spontaneity and every character always looks like they’re having so much fun. And how could they not be here, when this book is about sports and fantastic fun, presented through illustrations created in fountain pen and watercolour on paper, and clever descriptive text.

The characters are animals that take part in countless sports. They love competition and each sport has a breakdown of the rules. The pages are filled with animal activity and lots of humour. It’s like a sports picture dictionary but not in alphabetical order. In fact there is little order in the whole book. The illustrations are plentiful on the pages and there is movement everywhere. That’s what makes it so entertaining.

The sports include soccer, figure skating, all forms of skiing and ice sports, and most forms of horse-riding including Dressage and Rodeo. There is basketball, and boxing, with the different weight classes included. All forms of climbing, fishing with its techniques and tricks, and sports that come under the term ‘athletics’.

This is a book that will hopefully encourage children to get out and participate in some form of sport, simply for the fun of it. No one has to be a professional and parents should reinforce the fact that any sport should be fun and enjoyable.

Konnecke’s illustrations are always small, intricate and expressive. His work carries strong messages and reaches many age groups. Sports are Fantastic Fun is ideal visually for younger readers, but the guide for the text is around the 7+ age group in my opinion, unless it is being read by someone older.

Title: Sports are Fantastic Fun
Author/Illustrator: Ole Konnecke
Publisher: Gecko Press, $29.99
Publication Date: November 2018
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781776572014
For ages: 5+
Type: Non-fiction