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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Review: The Rift

Rachel Craw has created another absolutely gripping fantasy, but it's nothing like her Spark Trilogy, because The Rift could easily be set today on an island not too far away.

Although the Rangers of Black Water Island have mystical skills, this story is set solidly in the present when a large pharmaceutical company has a contract with the Rangers to harvest the island herd's antlers. The powder from these antlers, which has magical healing powers, is the company's only concern.

While the company pushes for more product, the rangers do their best to prevent the herd from being irretrievably diminished. They also have to protect their stock from supernatural predators that wait to breach the Rift.

Amidst an escalating crisis in which the Rift is being breached when it shouldn't, seventeen-year-old Meg returns to the island. Her only dream had been to become a ranger like her dad, but she was forced to leave after barely surviving a Rift creature attack when she was eight years old, an attack in which best friend Cal saved her life.

Members of the herd are dying unexpectedly and some weird toxin is turning some into zombie killer creatures, but is all the weirdness really to do with the island's electromagnetic differences? Or is someone fiddling with the existing delicate balance?

As Cal and Meg circle each other, afraid to ask questions, but unable to move on without answers, the island's troubles throw them together in a way neither expected. Does Meg have a role to play in setting things right or will she simply get in the way of Ranger business?

The Rift is a high-octane action read with multiple complications and a little bit of romance. It's the perfect escape-from-it-all read.

Title: The Rift
Author: Rachel Craw
Publisher: , $19.99
Publication Date:1 November 2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760650025
For ages: 13 years +
Type: Young Adult