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Wednesday 13 February 2019

Review: Balance the Birds

A cute flock of little birds flutter though the air and land on a tree. Four birds land on each side of the tree, they balance.

When a squirrel disturbs the birds, some of them fly away. Now one side of the tree is heavier than the other. How will the birds balance the tree?

Balance the Birds by Susie Ghahermani introduces the concept of balance to young children. The story demonstrates how to create  equilibrium by shifting weight from one side of the tree to the other side.

The story slowly builds the concept of balance. First it looks a birds that are all the same size and weight. But how will the birds balance the tree when a little bird is on one side of the tree and a huge owl is on the other side?

The large and easy to read text, introduces children to a rich and age appropriate vocabulary: balance, left, right, half, heavy and light. It is a well paced story, that encourages children to turn the pages to find out what happens next. As the story introduces more difficult ideas, it poses the question, 'How will these birds balance?'

Ghahremani has created an entertaining and educational story. She uses bright, simple, expressive and whimsical illustrations that help children predict the story line. She has created the perfect balance between a story and a non-fiction book in Balance the Birds.

Susie Ghahermani has created illustrations for another enquiry story, What Will Hatch?

Title: Balance the Birds
Author/Illustrator: Susie Ghahremani
Publisher: Abrams Appleseed, $19.99
Publication Date: 1 October 2018
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781419728761
For ages: 4 - 6
Type: Picture Book, Non-fiction