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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Review: Calm Mindfulness for Kids

I love everything about this book. From the content to the design to the layout, everything between the covers is thoughtful, insightful and helpful.

Calm Mindfulness for Kids is a fantastic collection of activities that help kids to relax, be calm and be more aware of themselves and individual moments throughout their day.

Wynne Kinder, an experienced teacher, provides information and advice about the art of mindfulness and how it can help kids. 

The tools and activities she provides are perfectly targeted for kids but range in complexity, so there is something for kids of all ages. 

The book is divided into sections that focus on different aspects of mindfulness, making the book perfect for targeting activities based on what’s happening in your child’s life. 

The ‘change’ section provides activities that will help kids deal with changes (like moving schools or house), the ‘calm’ section focuses on activities to help kids calm down and the ‘reflect’ section provides activities that help kids identify their experiences, feelings and what they are thankful for. 

And that’s only three of the six great sections.

I love that the tools and activities are a mix of body exercises, games and things to make and grow. There are activities in here for everyone, and you can pick and choose what resonates for you and your children.

The superb layout and beautiful design also make the whole book easy to read, easy to flick through and easy to absorb.

Large pictures of lots of different kids performing the activities help you to visualise how to perform them, and if there are steps to be followed, they are clearly presented and numbered so you can be sure you complete each step correctly. 

There are helpful explanations of why and how activities will help kids be more mindful, and there are fantastic tips for grown-ups to help you help the kids get the most out of each idea. 

Each page is colourful and bright, but paired with lots of white space, the book is a peaceful and relaxing read in itself. 

This is a book for all homes, schools, day care centres and anywhere else kids are. Author Wynn Kinder has written a wonderfully engaging and extremely helpful book that will help kids deal with the craziness that often fills their days through hectic schedules, changing emotions and normal everyday growing up.

I love everything about this book, and I highly recommend it. 

Title: Calm Mindfulness for Kids
Author: Wynn Kinder
Publisher: DK, $19.99
Publication Date: 19 February 2019
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9780241342299
For ages: 3+
Type: Non-Fiction, Junior Non-Fiction