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Saturday 9 February 2019

Review: Ozzie Goes to School

Starting school can be exciting, nerve-wracking, scary, and everything in between.

In Ozzie Goes to School, we get to share Ozzie's first day at school, and then his first week.

The story starts with Ozzie enjoying carefree time with his Dad, exploring the beach and all its treasures.

Dad teaches Ozzie all about animals like snakes and crocodiles, and he's not scared of them.

However, when Ozzie finds out he has to go to school, he is scared.

Ozzie doesn't know anything about school, and if he goes, Dad will be all alone.

Dad convinces Ozzie that school is important, so off he goes.

There are lots of new experiences and Ozzie isn't sure what to make of them, especially when he's scared about being the centre of attention.

Each time Ozzie is scared of something new at school, Dad is able to help him -- with something to tell for news, counting, sharing stories, and more.

By the end of his first week, Ozzie isn't afraid of school anymore, and heads off excited at what lays ahead.

Jocelyn Crabb and Danny Snell have beautifully captured first day (and week) nerves, and how they can be dispelled with a little patience.

Ozzie Goes to School has a thoroughly Australian look and feel. The setting is never explicitly mentioned, but its visual depiction suggests it, as do small hints in the text. There are elements that will be particulaly familiar to residents of northern parts of Australia.

Ozzie Goes to School is highly recommended for families with children starting school, or preschool, or to build confidence when being exposed to other new experiences.

Title:  Ozzie Goes to School
Author: Jocelyn Crabb
Illustrator: Danny Snell
Publisher: Working Title Press, $24.99
Publication Date: February 2019
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781921504907
For ages: 5--7 years
Type: Picture book