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Friday 8 February 2019

Review: There's a Big Green Frog in the Toilet

Author and comedian Anh Do takes toilet humour to a new level with his latest book. 

The story may seem obvious by the title, there is a frog that is big, green and residing in the toilet, but the endearing quality about this book is the hilarious actions of the story and the illustrations that embody the words on the page.
Heath McKenzie’s illustrations are bright, colourful and perfectly match the story. There is one illustration in the book where the family hold up the plunger as if it’s the solution to all their problems with the frog, if only that were true.

The words are a mix of black and green, with the green words expressed in a larger font, highlighting the emphasis on that part of the story. The story also rhymes in places, so reading this out loud at a story time or to a child will have them rolling on the floor with laughter or mimicking the family’s actions.

All was good in the world of frogs, they were just hopping along until they came across a puddle of water that looked too good to miss out on and in jumped the big green frog. He was having such a great time until someone turned the lights on . . . and that is where the hilarity starts.

A little kid wants to use the toilet as he is busting for a wee and instead finds a big green frog in the toilet and it’s looking up at me. In a race against time, each member of the family takes a turn at trying to get the frog out of the toilet. Who wins - the frog, the family or the kid busting for a pee?

Along with this copy of the book, there is also a CD with Simon Mellor singing/performing The Big Green Frog in the Toilet – you can sing along, the challenge is to do it without laughing.

Title: There’s a Big Green Frog in the Toilet
Author: Anh Do and Simon Mellor
Illustrator: Heath McKenzie
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, $19.99
Publication Date: 1 October 2018
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781742999814
For ages: 2 – 5
Type: Picture Book