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- author Jackie French

Saturday 9 March 2019

Review: The Lost Book of Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of vast adventures around the world? This may be the book for you. The Lost Book of Adventure (from the notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer) is an intriguing book.

The cover invites readers in, with enticing sketches of maps, huts, jungles, rivers and a crocodile. This 192-page hard cover book is packed with inspiration and information, interspersed with instructive how-to sketches and exquisite illustrations capturing the awesome majesty of nature.

Complied and edited by Teddy Keen, the publisher's information claims this book to be based upon a collection of notebooks, journals and sketchbooks, supposedly found by Keen on a trip to the Amazon, and now attributed to the Unknown Adventurer.

This book contains extensive information, from how to make shelters, rafts and a backpack, through to how to catch a fish, climb a mountain or pan for gold. Whilst the story behind the book may be narrative non-fiction or perhaps complete fiction, the instructional elements in the book contain precise instructions, illustrated with divine detail.

The colour palette of this book has tones of soft blues, greens and vibrant oranges. The texture of the cover is reminiscent of a material-lined notebook. An element of this book which proved challenging was the choice of font size and font style. Whilst the text itself is both lyrical and informative, the font is tiny on many pages, making it difficult to read some sections. This may impact on the enjoyment and readability for children with visual or sensory processing issues.

 Overall, The Lost Book of Adventure inspires imagination, daydreaming and a desire to set off on adventures.

Title: The Lost Book of Adventure
Author/Illustrator: Unknown Adventurer
Publisher: Francis Lincoln Children's Books, $35.00
Publication Date: 4 March 2019
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781786032966
For ages: 7+
Type: Narrative non-fiction