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- author Jackie French

Sunday 31 March 2019

Review: Lost

Fluffy, Jet and Angel love playing hide and seek, which they are very good at, that is until Fluffy gets lost.

Set in Antarctica, Fluffy is a young emperor penguin who frolics in the snow and ice with his best friends Jet and Angel. 

However, one day when they are playing, his parents, Fifi and Floyd tell Fluffy he must come inside at once, there is a storm approaching. 

Does Fluffy listen to his parents? No, he thinks they are being too strict and stays outside playing even though it starts to snow.

Before he knows it, the winds become stronger and stronger, blowing the little penguin off his feet causing him to tumble out of sight of his family and friends. He cries out for his parents who are desperately searching for him, but he has been blown too far away. Once the storm subsides, Fluffy starts to look for his parents and friends, but a huge sea eagle picks him up with his claws thinking Fluffy might be dinner.

Scared and lost, Fluffy hangs on until the sea eagle grows tired and drops him. Bewildered, Fluffy has no idea where he is, he just knows that it is nothing like home. Tired and alone, Fluffy finds a safe place to sleep, hoping the morning will bring him closer to finding help.

Once morning arrives, Fluffy finds himself in the middle of a desert with red sands and very hot temperatures. He uses his beak, like he has been taught to locate water and then sets off on his long journey. He discovers new places and friends in his travels, all the while thinking he should have listened to his parents. Just when he starts to despair he meets Pete the Pelican who thinks he might be able to help him find home.

Australian author and illustrator Tracey Unthank has created a colour rich story that highlights listening to your parents is always wise, while showcasing the starkness of Antarctica with the deep red soil of Central Australia all without losing the message is just part of this story’s attraction.

Title: Lost
Author & Illustrator: Tracey Unthank
Publisher: Little Steps Publishing, $16.45
Publication Date: 1 October 2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408868874
For ages: 4+
Type:  Picture Book