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Wednesday 13 March 2019

Review: We Are Okay

Marin is alone.

Inside and out.

She’s spending winter break at her college dorms while all the other students go home to be with their families. 

But Marin can’t go home. She can’t face an empty house and the secrets that have been eating away at her since school began.

It’s too soon. She’s too fragile. And she’d rather be alone with only her thoughts to keep her company. 

Except Marin won’t be completely alone. Mabel is coming to stay with her at the dorms. 

Mabel from her hometown. Mabel who was her best friend and first love until Marin went silent and ignored her calls.

Marin knows Mabel is coming for the truth — about what happened back home, about why Marin stopped talking to her. 

But what Marin doesn’t know is if she’s ready to give voice to the dark hole of sadness that now lives inside her. 

We Are Okay is a poignant and thought provoking YA novel about life, death and learning to keep going when all you want to do is curl into a ball and hide from the world.

Author Nina LaCour pulls you into a raw and gritty world of emotion and truth, with interlacing chapters that explore both Marin’s present and her past.

LaCour drip feeds the secrets Marin is trying so hard to disappear from, creating mystery and intrigue — a puzzle to be solved. The story grips you from start to finish.

If you like honest and real stories about life, love, family and friendship, you will love We Are Okay. It’s the kind of book that touches you deep within and stays with you after you close the cover.

Title: We Are Okay
Author: Nina LaCour
Publisher: UQP, $19.95
Publication Date: 5 March 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780702262562
For ages: 14 +
Type: Young Adult