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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Review: Scorch Dragons

Scorch Dragons, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Ice Wolvesis the second book in the Elementals Series, by Amie Kaufman.

We continue the exhilarating story of 12 year old orphan twins, Anders and Rayna, whose lives were thrown into great peril in Book 1, when they discovered their unexpected abilities to transform into elementals. Shockingly, they transformed into sworn enemies, Anders an Ice Wolf and Rayna a Scorch Dragon. Separated for the first time in their lives, Anders learned to survive as a wolf at Ulfar Academy, whilst planning how to rescue his sister, whom he believed had been kidnapped by the dragons.

As this book begins, Anders and his friend Lisabet, are in Drekhelm, the Scorch Dragons' mountain stronghold, after their attempts to rescue Rayna led to a fierce battle between dragons and wolves, injuring many of their friends.

Anders is relieved and shocked to find Rayna not only alive and well, but thriving. The two young wolves have risked pack and paws to attempt to rescue Rayna. They are now exiled from their home and unwelcome with most of the dragons. They are protected at Drekhelm by a leader named Leif, because of the selfless bravery they displayed in the battle.

Anders and Lisabet, with Rayna and several other young dragons, begin to question everything they have ever been told about dragons, wolves, and the historical battle which orphaned the twins. They realise all is not what it seems.

The world begins to grow colder, weakening the dragons, and the children learn that the wolves have found the Snowstone. As the adult dragons endlessly discuss and argue about the next actions to take, it becomes clear that the only way to prevent the dragons and wolves from destroying each other is to find a way to bring about balance, and it is up to Anders, Rayna and their wolf and dragon friends to find the way to do so.

Title: Scorch Dragons: Elementals Book 2
Author: Amie Kaufman
Publisher: HarperCollins, $17.99
Publication Date: 18 March 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781460755280
For ages: 8-12
Type: Junior Fiction