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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Review: Barefoot Bea

Beatrice Jones refuses to wear shoes. There is simply no need for them.

This hilarious, rhyming story looks at why convention is not always the best way and how you can be an individual who stands out for all the right reasons.

Beatrice, or better known as Barefoot Bea, thinks nothing of wearing shoes.  They slow you down, stop you from climbing trees or washing your feet after jumping in the rain puddles. It seems Bea has an answer for everything much to the dismay of her parents.

They decide something must be done. Bea must be made to wear shoes, just like everyone else. Worried about their daughter and her safety, they come across a special shoe shop that proclaims to have shoes that suit every taste. At their wits end, her parents leave Bea in the shopkeepers' capable hands. Surely Bea will find a shoe that she will like here?

Hours drag by, until finally Bea emerges victorious! Her parents can no longer be mad at her and Bea is extremely happy.

Author Heather Neilly and Illustrator Ruth de Vos have created a book that makes you appreciate Bea’s independence and celebrate her uniqueness. The story is great to read aloud to an audience and children can relate to not wanting to wear shoes. 

The vibrant illustrations add to the delivery of the story and create the character Bea, who enjoys life and her freedom and who doesn’t need to be like everyone else to be happy.

Title: Barefoot Bea
Author: Heather Neilly
Illustrator: Ruth de Vos
Publisher: Yellow Brick Books, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 June 2019
Format: Hardback
For ages: 2 - 5
Type: Picture Book