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- author Jackie French

Monday 13 May 2019

Review: Ickypedia

Get ready for a giant dose of weird, whacky, outrageous funnies and a very healthy dose of gross.

Ickypedia is a dictionary of the most disgusting and hilarious words, sure to tickle funny bones and have kids laughing out loud. 

Known for their hilarious comedy shows for kids, the dynamic duo that is The Listies (Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly) know how to make kids laugh, and this cool (and disgusting) dictionary hits every mark.

Scattered throughout the book is an A to Z of gross words Higgins and Kelly believe need to be brought to the forefront of every child’s vocabulary. 

Oftentimes made up or a mishmash of other words, each entry is hilarious and entertaining (for adults as well as kids).

Some of my favourites include: barping (when someone burps and farts at the same time), Kebabble (to talk with a mouthful of kebab) and quark (what a posh duck says).

But Ickypedia is not just a collection of quirky words. There’s heaps of cool activities throughout the book, including a Lie-Q test (to test how good you are at lying), a random insult generator, an ‘are you a zombie?’ quiz and heaps more. There’s also a secret story contained at the bottom of the pages!

Funky black and white illustrations fill every page, there are diagrams galore and lots of scribbles. Fun is infused into every page, and the whole book is visually engaging and entertaining. 

But be warned: official G.R.O.S.S inspectors have said the book is so gross it could make a tapeworm spew or a maggot faint. And that, really, the book is not suitable for babies, children, tweens, teens or old people. 

But if you love hilarious grossness, if you want to impress your friends with funny and disgusting words and you love to be thoroughly entertained, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Ickypedia.

Title: Ickypedia
Author/Illustrator: Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly (The Listies)
Publisher: Penguin, $14.99
Publication Date: September 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780143308645
For ages: 8 - 14
Type: Junior Fiction