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Wednesday 8 May 2019

Review: The Incurable Imagination

Having an over-active imagination can lead to the unexpected. 

Aska’s vibrant coloured illustrations capture the wonderful and mind-expanding effects of such a blessing. Her incredible translation of the text holds far more than just the creation of a visual world to complement the words. 

There is another story going on; the one that’s playing out in Audrey’s imagination.

Audrey started it all when everybody around her saw she was an atypical baby. Her growth proved their suspicions as she turned out to be different in every way.  At school, her invisible friends caused suspicion. Her alphabet soup created laughter. When she turned her numbers into aliens, even the teacher found it hard to keep a straight face.

But Audrey’s imagination disease reached epidemic proportions. The whole class caught it. They started acting out of character, having fun by transforming boxes into castles, taking advantage of school assembly to showcase their talents, and turning teachers into frogs.

Chaos reigned. Soon the teachers caught it too! Everyone at school seemed to be having a fantastic time using their imagination. It didn’t stop there, but spread through the whole town.

Paul Russell has allowed his imagination to run wild. The result is exciting, funny, optimistic and hopeful. Children aren’t encouraged to imagine much anymore. There is a freedom in seeing things in their head that others can’t see. It is also called pretending. It’s seen in role-playing and when kids dress-up, put on their mother’s make-up or wear her high heels. This is the best part of childhood. This book is a reminder that the imagination is a human’s creative source.

 I loved this book for its animate and inanimate objects that are expressive works of art! It is a book filled with laughter, happiness and positive energy. All of it stemming from the word imagination.

Title: The Incurable Imagination
Author: Paul Russell
Illustrator: Aska
Publisher: EK Books, $24.99
Publication Date: April 2019
Format: Hardcover
For ages: 4 - 7
Type: Picture Book