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- author Jackie French

Monday 20 May 2019

Review: Sticker World: Farm

Lonely Planet’s Sticker World: Farm, is a brilliant activity book which allows the child to become the architect and designer of their own farm. 

40 pages of colour and learning and over 500 stickers, offers the opportunity for children to explore life on a farm by mapping out and building up their own surroundings as they choose.

Marco and Amelia are guides that participate in the creation of the farm. 

They assist with their directions, the structure and form chosen for the farm. This is done through suggestions about choice, and questions that must be considered from the various possibilities. This helps the creators make decisions about what, why and where they plant their preferred produce and situate their animals’ structures.

Valuable background information about each area is fed through the text. Primary consideration is given to safe-guarding the growing produce from animals that see it as food, and assuring that the animals have safe pens positioned appropriately.

What to expect from farm life and the machinery that is essential to sustain it, is also addressed. How to maximise the use of produce derived from animals and the earth, blends in with the importance of bees to our food chain, harvesting fruit, and the reward in being self-sufficient.  There is also the issue of being able to repair things that may break down or wear out.

This is not only a sticker book. It is fun-filled and entertaining. The stickers are the building blocks that fill the empty spaces and slowly form a working farm. Pens and other drawing equipment are encouraged to add variety and self-expression to the project.

It is also a useful learning tool for children in the area of language and knowledge about a subject that they may never personally experience. It will certainly assist children’s decision-making skills, broaden their horizons, and offers a sense of independence and achievement when they complete the tasks and challenges of choice they encounter.

Title: Sticker World: Farm
Author: Kait Eaton
Illustrator: Aviel Basil
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids, $9.99
Publication Date: February 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781788680264
For ages: 5+
Type: Activity Book