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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 4 June 2019

12 Curly Questions with author Jacqui Halpin

1. Tell us something hardly anyone knows about you.
You wouldn’t believe it now, but I used to do martial arts.

2. What is your nickname?

3. What is your greatest fear?
I’m scared of lizards but I’m trying to overcome this fear. The fact that two water dragons have taken up residence in my backyard means I have to if I’m ever going to hang the washing out again! I’m regarding it as exposure therapy.

4. Describe your writing style in 10 words.
Combination of humour and heart, with a dash of hope.

5. Tell us five positive words that describe you as a writer.
Energetic, encouraging, optimistic, enthusiastic, patient.

6. What book character would you be, and why?
Harry Potter, because of his sense of justice, and his amazing adventures. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in a world full of magic?

7. If you could time travel, what year would you go to and why?
I’d travel back to 1938 so I could experience the childhood my dad remembers so fondly. It’s also the year my middle-grade, boys'-own adventure series is set so it would be great for research.

8. What would your 10-year-old self say to you now?
You like reading?!

9. Who is your greatest influence?
My parents. Because of the wonderful stories they told I’ve always had a great love of storytelling.

10. What/who made you start writing?
I loved the picture books I read to my children and wanted to be one of those amazing people who made putting children to bed so much more pleasant because of the beautiful stories they wrote. But it wasn’t until I first read Harry Potter towards the end of 1999 that I was inspired enough to do something about it. I completed my Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing in 2000.

11. What is your favourite word and why?
Wonder. I find wonder in the simplest things.

12. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Bible.

Jacqui Halpin is a former registered nurse, tuckshop convenor, and now children’s author. She has a Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing and attends writing workshops, conferences and festivals with alarming regularity. Jacqui has two picture books published by Little Pink Dog Books, and short stories in The School Magazine and Creative Kids’ Tales Anthology. For more information, please visit jacquihalpin.com.