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- author Jackie French

Monday 10 June 2019

Review: Playing with Collage

Award-winning author and illustrator Jeannie Baker creates the most amazing, beautiful picture books with illustrations that are collages.

Now, in Playing with Collage, she shares how to create your own artworks. If you're not inspired after reading this, I'd be extremely surprised.

It's a gorgeous publication, with simple, clear explanations, and photographs which capture the materials and concepts perfectly.

Playing with Collage is divided into sections, starting with an introduction to collage.

There's also an explanation of some tools you'll need to get started. They are items you might already have, or could buy at a craft store.

Then you can learn about collecting collage materials, and how to use them to best effect. The four main sources are: paper (with the many textures, colours and patterns); nature (leaves, seeds, clay, bark, and much more); beach (the most obvious being sand and shells, but don't forget seawead, sea sponges and driftwood); and the kitchen (spices, pasta, soup mix, and other colourful and variously sized food items).

One key idea highlighted to show how you can make your collages look different is to use translucent materials (like certain papers, acrylics, leaves, or even red onion skin) for a stained glass effect.

Right at the end are two collage projects to make, one using a matchbox, and the other an egg carton.

Playing with Collage deserves to be on every home and library bookshelf, to serve as inspiration, as well as for entertainment and education. Suitable for a broad range of ages, it shows that everyone can give collage a go.

Always keep in mind Jeannie Baker's advice that 'ultimately how you create the shape and look of your collage is up to you....and the more you practise the stronger your instincts will grow.'

Title: Playing with Collage
Author/Illustrator: Jeannie Baker
Publisher: Walker Books, $27.99
Publication Date: June 2019
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781406378665
For ages: 8+
Type: Junior non-fiction