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- author Jackie French

Thursday 20 June 2019

Review: Ronan Boyle And The Bridge Of Riddles

Curses, magical creatures and law-breaking leprechauns are only the beginning for Ronan Boyle as he becomes the lowliest and youngest recruit of the secret garda. 

The Garda are the secret Irish police charged with dealing with all things magical.

Ronan is not your normal recruit –  he's gangly, socially awkward, has bad eyesight and innumerable allergies, some of which are currently unknown and cannot possibly be foreseen. 

But Ronan won’t be distracted, he is on a mission to prove his parent’s innocence. They have been unjustly imprisoned in Mountjoy Prison and Ronan wants to put the real culprit, Lord Desmond Dooley in their place.

As the newest recruit, Ronan is assigned to Collins House. Upon arrival the house is nowhere to be seen, then Ronan realises he needs to sing a certain song before the house appears – any mumbling through the song and the house refuses to show itself.

Once inside Ronan is introduced to the Supply and Weapons Department which is manned by Gary and his offsider Dan the one-eyed troll. The department houses every kind of weapon needed to solve magical crimes and mysteries. They supply pens, notebooks, rhyming dictionaries (to help with interrogations), anti-troll sprays and very bad whisky that is used to trick land based faerie folk.

Ronan also meets two influential people, his new boss who just happens to be a shape shifting faerie and Yoga Hansra his Shillelagh Safety and Combat Teacher. It is a dangerous job that Ronan has signed up for – will he finally get his man and free his parents from prison or will he die trying?

Actor, Comedian and author Thomas Lennon introduces us to a new character, Ronan Boyle, with the storylines a cross between J K Rowling and Lemony Snicket. 

Along with hilarious, exaggerated and detailed black and white drawings by illustrator John Hendrix, readers, especially boys will laugh their way through the book. May the mayhem and adventures begin . . .

Title: Ronan Boyle And The Bridge Of Riddles 
Author: Thomas Lennon
Illustrator: John Hendrix
Publisher: Abrams Books, $25.40
Publication Date: 5 March 2019
Format: Hardback
For ages: 10+
Type: Middle Grade Fiction