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- author Jackie French

Thursday 18 July 2019

Guest Post: Jeanne Chemla on Jolie Galerie

JolieGalerie is dedicated to children’s book illustrations. 

The gallery currently presents artwork from 21 Australian and French artists featuring more than 200 original illustrations, French and Australian children’s books, art brooches, ceramics and so much more. 

Special exhibitions run from time to time showcasing artwork from international and Australian artists including Phil Bunting and Gus Gordon.

Jolie Galerie also offers creative sessions during regular school terms and school Holidays. 

This is an opportunity for little ones to produce their own pieces of art inspired by the gallery's walls.

All are welcome at Jolie Galerie, from students to children and adults, this space is one made to be shared, creating special moments together among the paintings, and the books and stories from which they are inspired from.

Come and discover :
  • The life of a gallery 
  • Why illustration is an art
  • The making of a children’s book and all of its actors: authors, illustrators, editors and readers
  • The life of an illustration before and after it is printed for a book
  • The diverse set of techniques used by the French and Australian artists presented at the Gallery

CreativeCraft Sessions for kids run regularly throughout the school term and school holidays. 

They  include:
  • An introduction to Children's Book Illustrations 
  • Techniques of art, 'make your own and take it home'
  • An immersion in the French environment with a chance to learn words and expressions
  • Morning/afternoon tea in the gallery's garden

You can even buy art from kids ! During the art classes at the gallery, the children make their own masterpiece inspired by illustrations of published books. They choose their technique, they decide on a title and add a selling price if they want (the gallery does not take commissions!)

Visit Jolie Galerie's fascinating and colourful collections in real life or visit their website for more information.


I am a French and proud mum of 3 boys and children’s books are a passion for me. In 2004, I created La Galerie Jeanne Robillard, located in Paris, a renowned French gallery that is dedicated to children’s book illustrations. During my 10 years at the gallery, I was devoted to the promotion and distribution of artwork from children’s books. I have created more than 50 travelling exhibitions of children’s book illustrations for cultural institutions such as libraries, schools, and book fairs, and over 30 on-site exhibitions, including on site and online sales of artwork.

Today, I’m very happy to share this passion with the Australian community. -  Jeanne Chemla