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- author Jackie French

Saturday 31 August 2019

Review: Broken Sky

Picture World War II style fighter planes, but in the future. Now imagine teenagers flying those planes.

Then send them into the sky to fight to the death if necessary in order to maintain peace on earth.

Welcome to Amity's broken world where there have been no wars for decades, but at a terrible price.

Amity lost her father in a plane accident when she was eleven years old and has learned not to get too close to her fellow fighters, because they could be the next ones to die.

Even though that seems more than enough to cope with, there's more to this strange world. Secrets are about to rend the tenuous world peace asunder.

When Amity discovers a network of lies and deception, she is determined to expose the culprits, but this means discovering far more than she ever expected and risking more than her life.

With death around every corner, this is not time to fall in love, but it's exactly what Amity does. But will her newfound joy sustain or destroy her? I had to keep reading to find out.

Broken Sky is cliff-edge suspense at its best. I could not put it down and now that it's finished, I cannot read anything else until I find out what happens in book two.

Pick it up.

I bet you won't be able to put it down.

Title: Broken Sky
Author: L. A. Weatherly
Publisher: Usborne Publishing, $17.99
Publication Date: 22 February 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781409572022
For ages: 14 +
Type: Young Adult