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- author Jackie French

Sunday 18 August 2019

Review: Cryptosight

Ever heard of tales of panthers lurking in Victoria’s high country? 

Of sightings of bizarre creatures in difficult to reach landscapes? Of bunyips and river monsters? 

Well, this novel by debut author Nean McKenzie takes all of these urban (rural?) myths and tells a rollicking tale set throughout Victoria.

Raf and Zara’s dad is a cryptozoologist – a person who tracks animals that science does not believe exists. 

With the power of cryptosight, these creatures can be seen. Zara believes her dad’s tales and has some degree of crytosight. Raf doesn’t. He believes in empirical science and that both cryptozoology and cryptosight are all a load of rubbish.

But if these critters don’t exist, why is their dad kidnapped? 

The search for answers takes Zara and Raf on a hunt closely pursued by three fellows who seem to be able to track them down regardless of where they are. The kids have to think on their feet and make quick judgements about who to trust in order to survive. And Raf has to trust in his own ability in order to solve the mystery and save their dad.

Title: Cryptosight
Author: Nean McKenzie
Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing, $17.99
Publication Date: October 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925227536
For ages: 8 – 12 
Type: Middle Grade Fiction