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Thursday 3 October 2019

Review: The Demon World

When I finished reading The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green, I was sure it was only book one in what had to be an epic new series. I am thrilled I was right!

Green is back with The Demon World, and it kicks off right where she left things.

War has come and each of the five protagonists are battling to escape the army that pursues them across the Northern Plateau. 

It isn’t exactly a wise choice — the Northern Plateau is a harsh environment, bitter cold, and it’s where the demons dwell — but they have little choice if they want to live.

United in their wish to escape death, Catherine, Ambrose, Edyon, March and Tash join forces to flee together, along with the guards of Catherine’s betrothed who have sworn to protect her. 

But as their enemies close in, and the group is forced into the tunnels of the demon world, fate pulls them apart and they must all follow their own path to their own version of freedom.

Torn between her wish to serve her new country and be with the man she loves, Catherine must find courage to stand up in a male dominated world and fight for what she wants. But does she want Ambrose, or does she want the prince she was meant to marry before war broke out.

Still trying to get to the family he didn’t know he had, Edyon is growing as a man with March by his side. But Edyon still doesn’t know the secrets March hides, and when the truth comes out, he may not yet be strong enough to face it.

Grieving the death of her closest ally, Tash's world is in chaos… until she meets someone who challenges everything she thought she knew about the demon world and the demon smoke she used to steal.

Like book one, book two rotates point-of-view characters throughout the chapters. And once again, this is in no way jarring or confusing. Each character’s story is connected to the others, so as you read one character’s story you are always learning about another. 

You see the truth the characters can’t see. You can connect the dots they can’t.

The Demon World, like The Smoke Thieves before it, is riveting and addictive. Green has created an epic fantasy world filled with stunning landscapes, politics, war and demons. It raises questions about sexism, discrimination and genocide and provides oh-so-much content for a juicy conversation about ethics and morality.

The back of the book says this is a series for fans of Games of Thrones, and I 100% agree with this statement. If you like epic hero journeys, if you like detailed fantasy worlds to fall into, you will love The Demon World and you will love this series.

Title: The Demon World
Author: Sally Green
Publisher: Penguin, $17.99
Publication Date: 6 August 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780141375410
For ages: 13+
Type: Young Adult Fiction