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Friday 4 October 2019

Review: It Sounded Better In My Head

What’s not to love about this novel? The title itself gave me a chuckle. The cover picture is a summary of most romances. And the story did not disappoint. 

A fun, funny novel about an awkward first romance that had me hooked almost immediately.

It is the summer after VCE exams and a time for A-student Natalie and her friends to look towards their futures. 

Natalie has internalised the message that her severe acne makes her unattractive and unlovable, despite this serious skin condition being managed medically.

Natalie loves her two best friends, Zach and Lucy, and she is negotiating the new dynamic as the two have become a couple.

The story takes a hilarious turn as Natalie and Lucy share a holiday house with Zach’s family. 

Of course Lucy and Zach want to spend the night together, but his family don’t want them cosleeping. So Natalie and Lucy go along with the charade that the two girls are sharing a room, and do a quick swap in the small hours when the family is asleep. 

But Zach’s older brother Alex comes home unexpectedly in the middle of the night, and before she knows it, Natalie is sharing a room with a man who may or may not be interested in her. And she may or may not be interested in him. A hilarious, awkward farce ensues.

This story about a girl with a poor self image and no self esteem discovering that there is more to her than being a clever student. The more serious side shows that you have to accept yourself and what you are before you can accept that another person might value you.

This is author Nina Kenwood’s debut novel, and the 2018 Text prize winner.

Title: It Sounded Better in My Head
Author: Nina Kenwood
Publisher: Text Publishing
Publication Date: August 2019, $19.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925773910
For ages:13+
Type: Young Adult Fiction