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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Review: Lemur Dreamer

Lemur Dreamer is a story of a sleepwalking lemur and true friendship, set in the apartments of 32 Pebbly Lane.

Louis the lemur has an unfortunate habit of leaving his home and making snuffly snoring sounds as he sleepwalks around the other apartments at night. Over time, his habit becomes more serious and soon Louis is walking out of the apartment block, straight into danger. Lucky for Louis, his friends find a way to keep him safe, but they can’t keep it up forever.

After a look at Louis’ adventurous dreams and his friends crafty problem solving, a cute and entertaining ending prevails.

The illustrations are gorgeous, with loose lines, bright night colours, a feeling of movement and watercolour textures which set the fun dreamy night scenes.

I love the way Lemur Dreamer explores sleepwalking, it would make a great introduction to or prompt for discussions about sleeping, sleepwalking and dreaming. I also enjoyed the caring and dedicated friendship of the animals at 32 Pebbly Lane to Louis.

Title: Lemur Dreamer
Author/Illustrator: Courtney Dicmas
Publisher: Templar Publishing, $20.99
Publication Date: 1 February 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781783700837
For ages: 3 – 6
Type: Paperback