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- author Jackie French

Monday 21 October 2019

Review: Toby and the Tricky Things

Little Toby the elephant is growing up, he can do lots of things by himself now but he still needs Mummy to help with the tricky things. There’s just one small problem… his baby sister!

Toby is proud now that he can pour his own milk, read books and reach Mummy’s snack jar, but when his mum needs him to do the tricky things without her, his confidence becomes rattled. Doing tricky things such as buttons, wellies and loo paper because mum is too busy with his little sister Iris frustrates Toby, he leaves the house in anger and wishes he was a baby. With a gentle message and a big hug, Toby’s mum reassures him that he is and will always be loved.

Christine Pym’s illustrations are what first drew me to this book, they combine wonderfully with Lou Peacocks writing and present a perfect balance of colour, white space and texture. Toby, his sister and his mum are the most delightful little elephant characters, with soft textures, cute trunks and gentle expressions.

Toby and the Tricky Things will resonate with parents of and children with siblings. It flows well and is lovely to read aloud.

Lou Peacock is the author of many books including Oliver Elephant and Lionel and the Lion's Share. Christine Pym has illustrated other books including Little Mouses’ Big Breakfast which you can even find hidden in the illustrations of Toby and the Tricky Things.

Title: Toby and the Tricky Things
Author: Lou Peacock
Illustrator: Christine Pym
Publisher: Nosy Crow, $24.99
Publication Date: 2 August 2018
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781788002653
For ages: 2 – 5
Type: Picture Book