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Thursday 31 October 2019

Review: The Trespasser's Unexpected Adventure

The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure, The Mystery of the Shipwreck Pirates Gold is a wild ride packed with action, adventure and mystery.

It’s a story about family and friendship, finding your place in the world and learning not to judge people before you get to know them.

Logan doesn’t have the kind of family most kids have. He lives with his best friend Nate and his parents, plus two more foster kids adopted by Nate’s mum and dad. Logan loves living with Nate’s family, but he’s never really felt like he belongs.

When he decides to go rock climbing on private property, looking for some fun and maybe time to reflect on why his own father didn’t contact him on his birthday, Logan kicks off an adventure he never, ever expected.

The private property Logan goes to explore is a holiday home, and while Logan expected it to be vacant, it absolutely isn’t. He meets a family there — a family unlike any he has met before. But despite the fact he trespassed, Logan fits right in, and he has a great time at the beachside holiday home… until he starts to notice unusual things. 

Like the boat that watches them from sea, an old coin in the basement and people acting strangely. Something is going on, and Logan is determined to figure it out.

This is a middle grade novel for kids who love lots of action and a mystery to solve. But it’s more than that. I love that the story dives deep into family life and the ups and downs of being a kid, particularly because it’s from a boy’s perspective, which isn’t something that is often explored in children’s literature.

This is a story about family and the variance in families. It’s easy to assume every family is the same. It’s easy to assume every family lives in the same kind of house and has the same kind of life. But the truth is every family is different, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Filled with action, adventure, mystery and heart, The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure, The Mystery of the Shipwreck Pirates Gold has something for every young reader. 

And as the first in a series, it’s filled with characters kids can fall in love with and follow from book to book.

Title: The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure, The Mystery of the Shipwreck Pirates Gold
Author: Karen Cossey
Publisher: Stolen Moments, $21.99
Publication Date: November 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780473359676
For ages: 9 - 14
Type: Middle Fiction