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- author Jackie French

Thursday 7 November 2019

Review: The Christmas Garden

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! Here is a magical rhyming story to take kids on a special Christmas adventure.

There’s a beautiful garden that looks just like Christmas, with breathtaking pine trees, a seat resembling a sleigh, statues of angels and cheeky looking gnomes. 

Do you think the person who lives there could be Santa Claus? He certainly fits the bill, with his snowy white beard, jolly demeanour and the Christmas display he puts on each year.

When darkness has fallen on Christmas Eve, a secret magic awakens. The gnomes become elves, the angel statues fly skyward and transform the old seat into a magnificent sleigh filled with gifts, which flies gently to the sky, led by proud reindeer.

The lyrical verse takes you on a meloldic Christmas journey filled with magic and imagination. Kids will be entranced and enchanted and, after reading this story, will always look twice at garden gnomes and angel statues, wondering what if…?

Sandra Severgnini’s soft and whimsical illustrations carry a hint of magic. They bring out the nature in the garden and give personality to the characters, whilst grounding the story in reality so kids can really feel like they could be part of it.

This is a lovely Christmas story for reading aloud to children to get them into the magical spirit of Christmas.

Title: The Christmas Garden
Author: Caroline Tuohey
Illustrator: Sandra Severgnini
Publisher: Little Pink Dog Book, $24.95
Publication Date: 1 October 2019
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9780648256342
For ages: 3 - 6
Type: Picture Book