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Saturday 16 November 2019

Review: How to Grow a Friend

How to Grow a Friend uses growing a plant to help explain to littlies what it takes to make friends and over time how to look after their friendship.

Using this metaphor the story can be shared at multiple levels, depending on your children's ages.

Sara Gillingham's bright, charming, stylised illustrations bring the story to life.

The insightful images show pre-readers, actions they can take to grow a friendship and a seed.

Through this book and their own exploration, little ones will learn how to care for their friendships with good communication.

Sometimes friendships are not easy. How to Grow a Friend reminds littlies that sometimes a friend might bug us but together they can '...chase the bugs away...'

How to Grow a Friend also helps children become aware of their friend's feelings and it includes a practical suggestion of how to look after your friend when they are feeling sad.

Gillingham's story also explores the importance of  growing '...a garden of friends,...' and that there is always '...room for one more.'

How to Grow a Friend is a captivating story that will have your children wanting to plant some seeds, all while learning some important life skills about friendships.

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Title: How to Grow a Friend
Author/Illustrator: Sara Gillingham
Publisher: Random House, $14.99
Publication Date: 3 September 2019
Format: Board Book
ISBN: 9781984848222
For ages: 1+
Type: Board Book