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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Review: Nop

Caroline Magerl creates the most extraordinary, whimsical worlds in her picture books. Each one is like a treasure box, just waiting to share its wondrous gifts.

Nop is another heartwarming story with Caroline's trademark melding of warmth and melancholy, friendship and longing.

Nop is a scruffy old bear, living among the 'heaping heaps of goods' at Oddmint's Dumporeum.

Each night, the place comes to life with all kinds of creatures busily working to mend and 'bedazzle' each other, ready to leave the shop the next day, for 'someplace wonderful'.

But Nop is beyond repair and so he stays in the dusty old shop, until he has an idea that will take him on his own wonderful journey and change his life forever. This is a tale about value, about how we see ourselves, and not letting others determine our sense of worth.

The exquisite illustrations have an eccentricity that is both magical and poignant. Loose lines of ink and washes of watercolour capture the fantastical world of Nop, which glows with hope amid the dust and litter, and shines with joy in the final scenes.

Caroline's text is as deft as her brushwork, colouring each page with rich imagery and sumptuous language that lingers on the tongue.

You'll want to hold this treasure in your hands for a long time after you finish reading. Highly recommended.   

Title: Nop
Author/Illustrator: Caroline Magerl
Publisher: Walker Books, $26.99
Publication Date: November 2019
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781760651251
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book